In memory of
 Ruth Harriet Jacobs, Ph. D.
  November 15, 1924 - September 5, 2013

Here you will find a collection of videos published on Ruth's YouTube Channel - Her Work and Life.  More videos will be added over time. You can bookmark this page in your browser and check back periodically for updates.  However, better is to be automatically notified when a new video is ready.  Please subscribe to the Youtube channel when you visit that website to view a video.  Then you will get a short message when a new video is ready to play.

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• "ABC's Of Aging" 
Summary: In 2000, gerontologist and author Ruth Harriet Jacobs, Ph.D. presented an informal, inspirational lecture to residents of a senior living community in the state of New Hampshire, USA. Her topic was strategies for healthy and adaptive living in one's elder years.

• "Button, Button, Who Has The Button?" Performed August 13,1989

Summary: 2 hour performance is divided into 3 online segments. In a two-act play which combines poetry and prose, Ruth Harriet Jacobs brings to life the interwoven lives of twenty women. "Button, Button, Who Has The Button?" depicts the hidden, neglected world of women "who have been silenced or have spoken and not been heard". This life-affirming, empowering work can be used for dramatic presentation or as a text for women's discussion and support groups. It is ideal for any woman coming into the realization of her own identity and worth.

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WATCH VIDEO (part 3/3)

• Ruth Harriet Jacobs Ph.D. interviewed about Aging in America Aired on 30 May 2007

Summary: Interview on Natick, Massachusetts, USA community television


• Interview About Her Books  Aired 4-23-93 on Cape Cod Community TV
Summary: Ruth Harriet Jacobs, Ph.D. surveys her popular books to date in this half hour interview from 4-23-1993.  She starts with "We Speak For Peace," an anthology of poems on the themes of conflict and harmony. Other books described deal with issues of aging and of women's status in American society.
• Poetry In Older Women's Lives

Ruth Harriet Jacobs, Ph.D., (retired chairperson of the sociology department at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts) speaking at Wellesley College's Center For Women.  Remarking that there is an epidemic of older women writing poetry, she shares several  of her compositions, some humorous and others deeply reflective.  She also encourages her audience to begin writing for their own satisfaction.  Two of her friends from local writers' groups also read.


• Be Old And Bold

Ruth Harriet Jacobs, Ph.D. teaches skills and attitudes for living enjoyably in one's senior years. She gave this presentation at the Wellesley College Center for Research On Women on November 15, 2007.


• Be An Outrageous Older Woman October 4, 1991
An editor's choice: The wit and wisdom of Gerontologist Ruth Harriet Jacobs, Ph.D. on successful aging.  This presentation includes readings from her plays and poetry.  October 4, 1991 at the School of Human Services of Springfield College in Manchester, New Hampshire.
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WATCH VIDEO (part 2/3)
WATCH VIDEO (part 3/3)